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Offspring Lyrics

(Can't Get My) Head Around YouA Thousand Days
A Thousand DaysAll Along
All AlongAll I Want
All I WantAmazed
AmericanaBad Habit
Bad HabitBeheaded
Burn It UpBurn It Up
Change The WorldChange The World
Come Out And PlayCome Out And Play
Come Out And Play (keep'm Separated)Come Out Swinging
Come Out SwingingConspiracy Of One
Conspiracy Of OneCool To Hate
Cool To HateCrossroads
Da HuiDammit, I Changed Again
Dammit, I Changed AgainDefy You
Demons (a Mexican Fiesta)Demons (a Mexican Fiesta)
Denial, RevisitedDenial, Revisited
Dirty MagicDirty Magic
Don't Pick It UpDon't Pick It Up
FeelingsForever And A Day
Get It RightGet It Right
Gone AwayGone Away
Gotta Get AwayGotta Get Away
Have You EverHave You Ever
Hit ThatHuck It
I ChooseI Choose
I'll Be WaitingI'll Be Waiting
IntermissionIntro (conspiracy Of One )
It'll Be A Long TimeJennifer Lost The War
Jennifer Lost The WarJennifer Lost The War
Kick Him When He's DownKick Him When He's Down
Kill The PresidentKill The President
Killboy PowerheadKillboy Powerhead
L. A. P. D.L.A.P.D.
Leave It BehindLeave It Behind
Lighting RodLiving In Chaos
Living In ChaosLong Way Home
Me And My Old LadyMe And My Old Lady
Million Miles AwayMillion Miles Away
My And My Old LadyNeocon
Never Gonna Find MeNitro (Youth Energy)
Nitro (Youth Energy)No Brakes
No BrakesNo Hero
Not The OneNothing From Something
One Fine DayOriginal Prankster
Original PranksterOut On Patrol
Out On PatrolPay The Man
Pay The ManPretty Fly
Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)
Race Against MyselfSelf Esteem
SessionShe's Got Issues
She's Got IssuesSmash
SmashSo Alone
So AloneSomethimg To Believe
Something To Believe InSomethng To Believe In
Spare Me The DetailsSpecial Delivery
Special DeliveryStaring At The Sun
Staring At The SunTake It Like A Man
The End Of The LineThe End Of The Line
The Kids Aren't AlrightThe Kids Aren't Alright
The Meaning Of LifeThe Meaning Of Life
The NooseThe Worst Hangover Ever
Time To RelaxUntitled
Walla WallaWalla Walla
Want You BadWant You Bad
Way Down The LineWay Down The Line
We Are OneWe Are One
What Happened To You?What Happned To You
When You're In PrisonWhy Don't You Get A Job
Why Don't You Get A Job?
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